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As you can imagine, it takes a village to throw a prom! There is a small but dedicated team that has been working to raise money, host a student dance (May 13th), operate various fundraisers, and organize the prom. We still need help with three key things: (1) raising money, (2) decorating for the prom, and (3) chaperoning the prom.


If you are able to donate or participate in raising money please go to our Fundraising Events page - if you can't volunteer but you can donate any amount of money, click on the "Donate" section.

We still need help with decorating on June 27th at noon:


The Westin says that we will be allowed in to decorate for the prom around noon on June 27th. We need help to make this go smoothly! We would LOVE for Grade 11 students and parents to also help with this exciting task! Maybe a new DHS tradition could be for Grade 11 families to take on this task? All the decorations will be ready to go for this morning. Many hands make light work - please volunteer!


There will be two police officers on duty all night but we need help from parents. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to chaperone on the big night! We should be all set now for volunteers but we're happy to have a few names on the back-up list in case someone gets sick that night and cannot help. Duties include working the registration desk to check names off the list and student IDs, checking the washrooms, and making sure students do not leave and re-enter the event. Please email us with your full name, phone number and the time slot you can help with:

5:00-8:00 (this is a little longer shift and it will be all hands on deck for the registration desk!)



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